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Welcome, 2022!

The last couple of years have been some of the strangest ones many of us have lived through. There has been so much uncertainty with everything going on in the world around us. However, by the end of last year, things started looking up. People are settling in to the “new norm” and figuring out how to adapt and continue to live with the obstacles that have been thrown at us all. This slow adaptation to the new world has made us excited for this new year. What other positive changes are going to be made? Are communities going to continue to become welcoming and eager to get together, even if it is through a screen? We aren’t sure but we are ready to take on whatever challenges come our way and put a positive spin on them.

Expanding from the sense of community growing, our communities are physically growing. Currently, both of our locations, The Villas at Hampton Lakes and The Villas at Prestwick, are 100% occupied in their completed units. We’ve said it once and we will keep saying it: our residents are our biggest advocates and truly sell our communities. This fully occupied status is due to the many referrals that come from our Villas family and the great communication and work ethic of our leasing agents. Together, they are the best marketing team.

If you’ve been out to The Villas at Prestwick near Bel Aire City Hall, you have seen that phase two is underway! The roadways are being mapped out and we will soon see unit construction start.

The Villas at Hampton Lakes is finishing construction on its final units. This community has been in the making for a long time and is finally ready to be complete. Although the final units aren’t quite ready for move in, every single one of them has been pre-leased—which is incredible! It shouldn’t be too long before we can move everyone in and have a fully complete and 100% occupied community!

As we look forward to all that 2022 has in store, we hope that you all have many blessings this year and many years after.

The Villas

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