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Speedy Summer Blues

While last year seemed to drag on and on and on and on, 2021 has been blowing by. We can’t believe it is August already and soon summer will be gone. This summer has seemed to be the fastest one ever—does anyone else feel that way?

Not only did the end of this season sneak up on us (we know, it’s not over yet…but summer activities usually come to a halt around August), but it also was an extremely mild one. There was maybe just a couple of weeks that were really hot. Compared to temperatures from previous years, we are a little sad to see this one go. Having more mild temperatures was a blessing this year so that things could open up a little more as shops and activities could be had outside. This lessened the danger of spreading the virus that has taken over all our lives for the past year and a half. We will miss the outdoor activities, the cooler-than-usual evenings, the chance to get together without having to wear masks, and walking from the front door to the car without sweating through out clothes. However, we WILL NOT miss the bugs. If summer is going to go, it can't take its bugs out the door with it.

With summer ending, that also means that the school year is starting. Many of our staff members have a teacher in their family, whether they are a wife, a husband, a cousin, a parent, a sibling. Educators have had to purchase even more supplies out of their own pockets than in previous years due to the inability for students to share supplies because of the possibility of spreading sickness. Kleenexes, hand sanitizer, cleaners—you name it—teachers have had to use their own money to provide these items to keep their classrooms running and their students safe. Many of The Villas residents are retired educators and understand the struggle that teachers face at the beginning of every year to make sure that their classrooms are ready for students to walk through the door.

So, we encourage all of you to support a teacher that you know. Help them with their supply lists. Many teachers post their supply lists on Facebook or other social platforms. There are also many websites where you can donate to classrooms. Whether you supply just one book, donate $5, or purchase a pack of pencils, every little bit helps!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and get ready for Fall and football…GO CHIEFS!

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