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New Leasing Agent!

We hope all of you are doing well and your families are all staying healthy. While the world may still be in this constant flux of uncertainty and progress seemingly going in the wrong direction, there are updates within The Villas that we are excited to announce.

First, you may see some new faces over at The Villas at Hampton Lakes as our new units come to completion. These units are renting faster than we could have ever imagined. We would love to get your input on how to welcome these residents and for you all to get to know one another better. Feel free to email Morgan, morgan@premierwichita.com, with any suggestions on how to safely cultivate these new relationships during these trying times!

Second, we have a new face around our office that we are extremely excited to announce to all of you: Kerry Sabala is our new leasing agent at The Villas at Prestwick! Not only will she be taking calls, leasing our units, and being a main point of contact, she will also be on-site Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We have noticed a need for having someone out there to take those “just browsing” and driving by. If you have anyone that has been interested in The Villas at Prestwick, let them know Kerry’s hours and tell them to give her a call (316) 854-0050 or email her at kerry@premierwichita.com. We are so happy to have Kerry part of the team and know that you will all enjoy having her around as well!

Just a reminder that the clubhouse at The Villas at Hampton Lakes is open, but we strongly suggest following CDC guidelines and following the county/city mandates of wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining a safe social distance, and wiping down any surfaces that you may touch.

That is all that we have for now. We can’t wait to be able to gather and have events for all of you once again!

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