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New Clubhouse. New Units. New Leasing Agent.

2020 brought on so many changes; 2021 carried them through. Among those changes, was a new leasing agent for The Villas at Prestwick—Hilary. Some of you may have met her, as she went part time in the Fall of 2020. Hilary is now our full-time leasing agent for The Villas at Prestwick and has temporarily adopted The Villas at Hampton Lakes while our other leasing agent is out.

If you’ve called looking for any information regarding The Villas since January, you’ve most likely talked to Hilary. She’s to go-to gal for information on our community, unit availability, and pricing. Our company prides themselves on making sure each prospect and resident is taken care of from start to finish, a quality that Hilary had already inherited from her many years of experience. She’s knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, and a true go-getter! Not only does Hilary balance being our leasing agent and all of our residents, she also is a mom of two. When not working, she can often be found running her kids around to various activities and sporting events. She is one busy woman.

In addition to our new leasing agent, we have NEW UNITS at both locations. These new units have updated floor plans and designs, but still hold the same “homey” feeling that is so evident throughout the entire residence. Both of our communities are maintenance free, which means that you don’t have to worry about the appliances going out or climbing on ladders if a lightbulb goes out or mowing the lawn in the middle of the summer heat. You can live your life in a beautiful triplex unit without worrying about the natural wear and tear of your new home. They are also age restricted, giving you like-minded neighbors that you can truly connect with.

Our latest and most exciting update is that our new clubhouse at The Villas at Prestwick is finally almost done—and our grand opening is only a couple of weeks away! This clubhouse will be a phenomenal addition to the east-side location with amenities such as A POOL, indoor fireplace, exercise room, full kitchen, event room, and outdoor fireplace. Our residents are going to love it! Mark your calendars and be sure to RSVP! July 31, 2021 | 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

To RSVP, click the link below:


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