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Love the Life You Live

Love the Life You Live—these are the words we chose to represent our community and the words that we consider when making any decision involving The Villas and its residents. But what do we mean by it? Why did we choose that phrase?

First, our communities are maintenance free, independent living. This means that our residents have all of the luxuries of living on their own, making their own decisions, creating their own plans, coming and going without having to report to anyone, and not feeling like they are in a senior living community. We want our residents to always feel that they are independent—that living in a senior community isn’t giving up their freedom; living in our senior community is wanting to live next to those who are in the same phase of life they. Like minded. Similar interest. Common hobbies.

So now that we have the independent part established, let’s establish the maintenance free. No, this does not mean that we are maids and come clean and sweep for residents; rather, we simply take care of things that could result in injury due to over exertion, dangerous situations (like climbing on a ladder), or crawling in tight spaces to work on appliances. Life is too short to worry about little things like that. Our office takes care of all landscaping…that’s right…ALL. No need to drag out the mower and spend hours in the sun to make sure those grass blades are pristine. We’ve got it under control. If you have a lightbulb burn out, simply give us a call or fill out a maintenance form. We will get our maintenance workers out there as soon as we can to get a replacement. Your washer is making a weird noise? Let us know.

We take care of all appliances, which are included when you move in (washer, dryer, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator).

Not only do we take care of our residents, but we are locally owned and operated and are a family business. We are not some big corporate company that is going to just send someone over to halfway take care of the job. When you call into our office with questions or maintenance requests, you will reach our front desk, who will then transfer you immediately to the property managers as long as they are at their desk. If you stop in our office, you can almost always speak to someone within the Villas that can get your questions answered and respond to your concerns. We are here for you.

While we are a small business right now, we do have plans for the future. However, this does not mean that we are going to lose our family business mentality. We care for our residents and their families and want what is best for them. All decisions made about The Villas are based off of how it will affect residents and if it will be beneficial to them. That being said, we are always looking at how to improve the life of our residents.

We want our residents to truly call their place at The Villas “home.” By offering maintenance free, independent living, managed by a local family-owned company, we allow our residents to do what they want, spend time where they want, and not sweat the little stuff—to love the freedom they have after moving in—to Love the Life They Live.

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