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It is May - Time for a Progress Report

Hello Villa's Residents!

Sorry this post is coming a bit late in the month of May, but unfortunately not much has changed in our world here. We are still staying at home staying as safe and healthy as possible. I am sure we are all ready to get our lives back, and return to the fun card games at the clubhouse, lunches with friends, and monthly committee meetings!

We are hoping that June will bring about new regulations, and we will be able to socialize again with some of our friends. That being said, we encourage you all to stay up to date on the news, and make sure we are all abiding by the guidelines set before us. We will continue staying at home throughout the month of May, and possibly into June as well depending on what comes out in the news over the next few weeks.

It looks like things are beginning to slowly open up around us, restaurants are practicing safe social distancing, and shops are doing the same. Some things that you can enjoy during this time is the beautiful weather outside! This past week has been rainy and a bit chilly, but the sun always shines after the rain and it is beautiful outside. We encourage you to take a stroll through the neighborhood, or hop in the car for a drive through the beautiful Kansas countryside. Everything around us is blooming, bright green, and ready for the warmer weather that we all know is coming.

We also wanted to wish all mothers at the Villas a Happy Mother's Day, we hope you all got to virtually see some of your family, or possibly wave while they did a drive by. We know these times are tough, but things will begin to change and get better and the future looks bright! Speaking of the future, we have got some great changes coming to the Villas at Hampton Lakes. Over the next few weeks you will see our new units getting completed, some of which will have people moving into them in June. The units will continue to get completed throughout the summer, and more residents will be joining the Villas at Hampton Lakes.

If you have friends interested in scheduling a showing or you yourself would like to see the progress of the units please feel free to send us an email - thevillas@premierwichita.com. We are able to set up private showings, and we have virtual tours available on our website as well.

Let's all hope we get to see more of each other in June, and that we all remain healthy and safe during this time.

Have a great month!

The Villas

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