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Here Come the Holidays

It’s that time of year. The time when stress and excitement compete to be the leading emotion for two months. On one hand, there’s pure joy. The holidays are coming up which means that most people get to see their families either in person or by an adapted way of video chat. People are also more likely to be pleasant, helpful, and giving around this time of year because “‘tis the season.” There’s great food at Thanksgiving, the celebration of Jesus’s birth, and the warmth one feels when giving the perfect gift to another.

On the other hand, there’s stress and anxiety. With all the joy, there’s all the preparation. Cleaning the house, preparing the food that we all love so much, going shopping for presents, coordinating dates and travel with family—the list goes on. However, the stress and uncertainty from last year has lifted just enough to allow families to feel safe while getting together (with precautions), which will make a huge difference in how we all feel this holiday season versus last year’s.

While our residents may not have the stress of exterior home maintenance to prep for the holidays and they may be retired from the hosting, cleaning, and preparing the main meal course, they have a different stress—making sure that all their neighbors have somewhere to go and someone to spend the holidays with. One of our favorite parts about this season is watching our residents take one another under their wings and ensure that no neighbor is left to celebrate by themselves. Neighbors invite one another to family gatherings or plan to share a meal if they don’t have somewhere to go. The community is so strong at The Villas—something that the residents can fully take credit for. Our office is always impressed by the care for one another, and the friendships built by what were once complete strangers. It epitomizes the spirit of the season.

We hope that each one of our residents has a joyful holiday season, filled with love, laughter, family, and friends.

Now, who else is ready to gobble until they wobble?

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