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Happy, Happy Holidays!

Hello, Villas Residents!

December: the most magical month of the year. Who would have guessed that we would still be masked up and under tight restrictions after 9 months? Although we don’t know when the uncertainty that COVID has brought will end, we must make the most of it and get into the spirit of the holidays.

Wichita and its residents have proven their resilience with positivity, support, and adaptations to create a “normal” life. Businesses are making changes to accommodate holiday shopping by including outdoor booths on nice days and more online shopping options. Places like Botanica are adding drive-through options for social distanced viewing. Restaurants are offering easier take-out options, even though they have been a “dine-in only” restaurant in the past.

I am sure that you all, like myself, are ecstatic to see these changes being made so that we can all be safe while supporting our friends and family with small businesses that depend on the holiday season to stay afloat.

So while businesses are doing their best to keep the holiday spirit alive, let’s all do our part and remain positive, join in on safe holiday festivities, and look forward to a new year (with less twists and turns, hopefully). Our residents at The Villas at Hampton Lakes have shown that they are ready to take on this task with lights and decorations on the outside of their homes. Take a look at some of the beautiful lights that you can find when taking a drive or stroll through out community!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

Don’t forget to stay healthy, stay positive, and stay jolly.

The Villas

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