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Breaking Frozen Ground

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Holy nostril icicles, Batman! Its cold out there. The weather seems to have forgotten that we are in Wichita, KS and not on a tundra somewhere. Everywhere we go, people are bundled to the max and looking like Eskimos. I mean, can you BELIEVE how cold it is? Today’s high is 10 degrees, Saturday’s is 12 degrees, and Sunday and Monday at 1 degree and 3 degrees. There should be some kind of unwritten agreement that if the temperature gets below 15 degrees that everything shuts down so we can all just stay home. We have some in the office who LOVE this weather and others who are going home and sitting under a sun lamp with their flip flops on, dreaming of summer.

Enough about the cold (my fingers are starting to shrink at the thought of it), let’s get into some Villas updates! There have been so many things happening for our communities lately, new buildings, tons of progress, and residents that are ready to get out and be with people again!

As you all know, the final phase of The Villas at Hampton Lakes has been underway for a while. We have 5 buildings done (14 units total), 3 currently under construction, and a plan for 5 more to start soon! The crazy thing is that we can’t build these units fast enough! We have almost all of our units under construction pre-leased so that as soon as they are ready, a new resident will move in. Absolutely wonderful! We have to thank our current and past residents for being some of our biggest marketers. Word of mouth is truly what is keeping us full and we are so appreciative. The Villas residents are truly the best.

Our most popular floor plan is The Windsor. This floor plan is a beautiful 2 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage. There is not a basement with this unit, but its sister floor plan, The Buckingham, is the same 2 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage but has an unfinished basement. Both The Windsor and The Buckingham are available at The Villas at Hampton Lakes and The Villas at Prestwick.

Speaking of The Villas at Prestwick, we have the BIGGEST update of all: CONSTRUCTION OF THE CLUBHOUSE HAS STARTED! Ugh if we could get on the top of our building and scream it out for everyone, then we would. We are so excited. It felt like this day would never come! Do you know what this means? Our pool is coming soon, our grand opening will be here, and our residents can host family or friends somewhere other than their living room. We’d say that we could host events there, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves there. We still have this COVID business looming over our heads. Regardless, how stinkin’ exciting! If you haven’t seen our clubhouse rendering, check out The Villas at Prestwick page on our website. It is going to be beautiful!

We hope you all stay warm this week and are brightened by some of our exciting news. Keep finding ways to stay positive during this unfamiliar time we are living in and keep loving the life you live.

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