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Adapting to This Life

How are you all holding up? Have you started to venture out while following the mask mandate and other CDC guidelines or are you still staying away from others as much as possible? We are anxiously waiting for the day that we no longer need to wear masks, can hug our loved ones, and celebrate life’s triumphs with our friends.

We have tried to find ways to share as a community without getting together, but that’s a difficult task when so many of us are face-to-face people—wanting to have real conversations with our voice rather than our fingers, wanting to see expressions on people’s faces as you tell them your latest stories, wanting to place our hand on a friends shoulder that just needs comfort. However, we at The Villas are working to keep our community together. That being said, if you’d like to give any suggestions or participate in any of the activities, just email the new Marketing Coordinator, Morgan, at morgan@premierwichita.com. She would love to hear your suggestions and get some community involvement while we are all staying a safe distance from one another.

Our latest event is a recipe exchange at The Villas at Hampton Lakes: share a recipe, gain a recipe. What a fun way to share with and get to know one another. In our opinion, you can tell a lot about a person based off the foods they cook.

Somehow, the world seems to be getting back to some normalcy with school starting back up. It is crazy to think that schools would still have virtual learning after all of this time, but we believe that teachers are resilient, children inherently love to learn, and all faculty and staff will work to create a safe learning environment for all.

So what is next? What will we adapt to the world we live in to get our lives back?

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay on your toes.

The Villas

P.S. Our clubhouse at The Villas at Hampton Lakes is open, but be reminded that we do not have anyone coming to clean daily. Please continue to wipe down any surfaces that you may have touched, wash your hands frequently, and wear your mask.

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