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A New Way to Interact

Let’ try something new! As some of you may have seen, we are putting some ways to be interactive with your neighbors on our monthly calendar. Last month, The Villas at Hampton Lakes participated in a recipe exchange and let me tell ya…my stomach was growling while looking through all of them. I may have had to go to the kitchen for a little snack while putting the recipes together.

The Villas at Prestwick is a little different, only because it’s so new that we figured we should get a directory out before we do anything else. Doesn’t it make sense to first learn your neighbor’s names before anything else? So we put together a little directory for the residents already living in and loving their new homes!

We plan to keep things like the recipe exchange on the calendar as long as we continue to get participation. We are also planning on having the east exchange with the west to build a relationship between our two communities. Who is excited for that?! (You can’t see it, but my hand is HIGH in the air.)

We understand, not everyone can participate in every exchange. So we are also including things that can still create a sense of unity while we are all in our 6 foot bubbles. For example, last month we encouraged residents to have coffee together-social distance style by enjoying coffee in a chair on the driveway.

Keep an eye out each month to see what other activities we come up with to help everyone continue to build relationships during these trying and uncertain times.

Again, we can’t wait to actually see all of your faces and for everyone to get together….but until then, stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay active.

The Villas

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