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2021: Let's Grow in Kindness

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hello, Villas Residents!

We made it. 2021 is here and moving along. This year, we are encouraging growth, whether it be for our business, our relationships, or ourselves. 2021 is the year for evaluation. We all bustled through 2020 without knowing what to do or what was coming next. People became angry and reclusive and divided.

In 2021, let’s strive to undo some of the hardness that we acquired in 2020. Each day, our office will be working to become more patient, understanding, and kind. No matter your stance on whatever is going on around you, striving to be a good person and kind to others is the best way to undo some of the jaded mindsets.

Our office has big things in store for 2021. Both of our communities are developing beautifully and we cannot wait to once again have residents join together and get to know one another. The Villas at Hampton Lakes is gaining new residents faster than we can get units build and The Villas at Prestwick is gaining some publicity, quickly growing it’s community—both of which are wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL.

We hope you all had a great holiday season and were able to see friends and family, even if it was through a screen.

Remember to stay well. Stay positive. Stay kind.

The Villas

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